• Frequently Asked Questions

    • Q1. Who is an Insurance Brokers?
      Ans. Insurance Brokers are intermediaries who work on behalf of the clients or communities involvement. An insurance broker sells or negotiates insurance for compensation. An insurance broker represents the insured and relies on the direct and common methods of perfecting business transaction.

    • Q2. What is a claim?
      Ans. A claim is a payment made by the insurer to the insured on the occurrence of the event specified in the contract in return of premiums paid for insurance.

    • Q3. Who does the broker represent?
      Ans. A broker represents the client and not the insurance company like the agent.

    • Q4. Who takes care of renewals?
      Ans. It is the responsibility of an insurance broker to take care of the renewals timely of client's insurance policy. We provide reminder to all our clients at least one month before their policy's due date by sending them renewal notice. We send our representatives to collect the cheque.

    • Q5. Can we shift our insurance policies to ideal insurance?
      Ans. Yes, you can shift your policies to ideal insurance at the time of the renewal of policy. You can continue to enjoy the same benefits at lower cost.

    • Q6. Do broker charge any fee for the services rendered?
      Ans. No broker do not charge any fee for the services rendered to their clients. We also provide you claim assistance.

    • Q7. What is difference between insurance agent and insurance broker?
      Ans. An agent acts on behalf of insurance company only and can only sell what that insurance company offer. Whereas an insurance broker acts on behalf of the client. An insurance broker is not tied to any insurance company and can arrange best insurance coverage for you, with limited cost and competitive price with any insurance company. This is not in the case with an agent.

    • Q8. What is a nomination?
      Ans. It is better for the policy holder to specify a nominee at the time of taking a policy so that in the event of policy holder's death, the policy money can be claimed by the nominee.