Pearl marine specialists offer a wide range of services and solutions for marine hull and cargo. As a Pearl client you will have the patience expected from a company that establishes well relationship with world biggest marine insurers.

• Marine Cargo:
Marine Insurance covers the risk relate to transit of goods by waterways. During this entire process of transportation, storage and loading, goods are exposed to a large number of perils. Goods are often lost or damaged. This loss is taken care by marine cargo insurance.

• Marine Hull:
Marine hull insurance covers nearly everything from that floats and moves, starting with rowing boat to huge ocean going tankers. It covers loss or damage to hull and machinery. Hull is the structure of the vessel. Machinery is the equipment that generates powers to move the vessel.

• Marine Freight:
Marine freight provides protection against the loss of the freight. In many cases, the owner of goods is bound to pay freight, under the terms of the contract, only when the goods are safely delivered at the port of destination.

Our Pearl insurance specialists are thoroughly familiar with the full range of Ocean and Inland coverage available and have strong relationships with the domestic and international insurance markets that underwrite them.